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My MacBookPro arrived...

My MacBookPro arrived on wed while I was at work, so its been some late nights playing with my new toy. This is my 3rd mac in about 1 1/2 years (I never owned an apple before then). This is far and away the coolest one so far. Its very fast, and it runs tiger (I have to stay on Panther on my work computer due to vpn) and its intel based. The very coolest application is parallels, its kind of like vmware for mac. It runs very nicely and very fast, you dont need to dual boot with bootcamp, you just create a virtual machine, give it some memory and install windoze. I have still a few apps that need to run in windows (ms money and slingbox), so this is cruicial. When I first put it in fullscreen I was kind of dissappointed, it looked kind of fuzzy and not great, but I finally RTFM and installed parallels tools, and now its crystal clear and just as nice looking as my mac osx. Cant wait to try burning dual layer dvds, but for now I need some sleep. Also there is a version of eclipse that works on mac/intel (needs recompile due to jni in vm), use version 3.2 rc6 or better.

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