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Pinch me, I must be dreaming..... What a weekend, It started friday afternoon... I was feeling sorry for myself because my School was in the sweet sixteen just 30 miles away and several people I knew were going and I wasnt. I called my wife and we agreed we had to go for it, so we plunked down way too much money for 4 tickets from one of these scapling sites to friday's game against Witchata State, the boys had a great time, we were in the nose blead section right in the middle of the Witchata State section. Well we won that game, it was a great time.
To my suprise when I woke up Saturday morning, a good friend had helped score me some tickets from a great guy whose team had lost (Im also a UofW fan, since Dad is a grad and most of the family is from seattle area), but was luck to benefit. The seats were awesome, front row, almost at half court, really they couldnt be any better. So we are going to the final fourbaby ..... what a weekend..........

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