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Its funny when business guys are starting to forward me articles on how java is dying and Ruby (and or Ruby on Rails) is the next great thing. So given all the hype I downloaded (or tried to download) Ruby on Rails. Since I have a mac, I downloaded locomotive which is a prepackaged verion of Ruby & Rails for the mac. I have started to play with it and I can say if you have a simple table in MySQL and you want a webapp that allows you to do crud on that table with as little work as possible this seems like a good solution. Rails seems to rely on convention to keep things simple. I haven't been doing much web based work lately (mostly focused on b2p apps), but I tinker around for fun sometimes. Anyway since I have been doing java for a while now (9 years wow!) I was wondering if someone was doing the same thing using the java language instead of Ruby (I have nothing against ruby, I was a smalltalker before Java and am a fan of most OO languages, which Ruby is. Looking around its hardly clear the answer, there appear to be 2 or 3 of these out there, Sails was the first I found. Then I found trails which seems a little farther along (at least from the movie). Finally there is Grails (how many cheesy rhymes can we come up with to Rails) which is a Groovy version of Rails. Thats all for now, I plan on playing with all of these over the holidays before I draw any conclusions.

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