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Mom's Thanksgiving Feast My mom is one of the greatest cooks in the world, and her thanksgiving feast is loved by all that have had the chance to try it. This year (2005) mom is traveling to Israel for a religious pilgrimage (of the Catholic nature). This gives myself (and my sister in law Kelly) a chance to make turkey dinner at our own homes. Thanks to Kelly for watching mom do this on our pre-thanksgiving feast and documenting it, here are her notes. Stuffing (Amounts for 1 bag of stuffing mix – she used 2 bags for the two turkeys) 1. Get the stuffing mix that is not too fine/crumby – should be a bit chunky 2. Melt 1 stick of Parkay margarine in a frying pan (might only need ½ stick for one bag – I can’t remember!) 3. Add in ½ cup of finely chopped onion. Cook 5-7 min (not too high – don’t burn) 4. Pour stuffing mix in BIG bowl. 5. Add cooked butter/onion mixture to stuffing. 6. Add approx 2 cans of chicken broth a little at a time. Want it soft, but not too soft. 7. Add poultry seasoning, sage, salt and pepper to taste. 8. Mix well and put in fridge or on counter to cool. Stuffing needs to be at the same temp as the bird when you stuff it. (so make it ahead) Turkey 1. Clean out your sink REALLY well. Have a bunch of paper towels handy. 2. Put turkey in sink and wash it well in cold water, both inside and out. (take neck, etc., out of inside and check under wings for yellow gunk) 3. Pat dry with paper towels both inside and out. 4. Salt (Hawaiian salt) and pepper inside of bird (both cavities). 5. Put stuffing in bird (in both cavities – one at each end of bird). Pack it in! 6. Close and secure skin flaps with short metal skewers. (can get at grocery store) 7. Rub olive oil all over bird. (top and bottom) 8. Salt and pepper outside of bird. (top and bottom) 9. Put in roaster pan wings side down. 10. Cook in a roaster with a lid, or can buy a disposable pan and use foil to cover. 11. Cooking temp and minutes per pound should be on turkey package. (Approx 325 degrees and 15 min/lb) 12. Remove cover/lid last 30 minutes to brown turkey. 13. Turkey should sit 15-20 minutes before carving. 14. Can cook neck/giblets in water on small pot on stove for broth for the gravy. Gravy 1. Save water from cooking of potatoes. 2. Save water from cooking of neck and giblets. 3. Remove turkey from pan. Use fork to loosen drippings. Take any really big scraps out of pan. 4. In a small glass jar, make a mixture of cold water and cornstarch (1/2 cup each). Shake jar to mix. After mixing, a little more water may fit in the jar. 5. Put turkey pan/roaster on stove burner to heat up drippings. 6. While pan is on stove, whisk in cornstarch/water mixture and approx 2 cups potato water. 7. Cook until thickened, stirring almost continuously. Can add some giblet water if it gets too thick (or canned broth). 8. Add salt and pepper to taste.

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