Friday, December 31, 2004

This is very cool, my parents gave me the Garmin Forerunner 201 GPS watch for christmas. This is the coolest new piece of geekness I have received in quite some time. So I went out today for a test run, it was a pretty slow mile (to much eating over Christmas), I went out my back door and down the trail that leads to goose creek and along the creek to the end of the trail and back. It was 1.2 miles. So this is all very nice, but I can show you just how cool the watch is now. The watch comes with a serial cable that you can hook into your computer and it gives you a log book and report of what you just did. Here is a picture of my first run:

Now this is cool in itself, but I found something better, there are some great instructions at a web site (click to see) that show you how to map your logfile data.

Here is the teramap of my run:

not too exciting since its a fairly old map, showing just the creek and not much else, or neighborhood is pretty new. I cant wait to try this out next time I visit a big city like sanfran or london. Ill be sure to post my future runs..

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