Monday, May 31, 2004

I spent some time reading Mastering BEA WebLogic Server tonight (since I forgot my work laptop, not tempted to do email), this is a really good bood. Some items to note for future quick reference:

Linux tunings (I knew most of these,but good reminder)
sysctl -w ip_ct_tcp_timeout_time_wait=60

edit /etc/sysctl.conf (add fs.file-max=20000)

(weblogic is your user)
edit /etc/security/limits.conf (add weblogic hard nofile 8192)

ulimit -n 8192

Some things to add to a todo list to any good weblogic deployment:
- write a reset pool script that can be called by an SA in the event of database failover, or better have it automatically called when the server completes failover.
- idempotent is on by defaults, hmm, think about this some
- in 8.1, weblogic has native io, java muxer and now nio muxer. Need to figure out if the nio muxer is supported yet for non ssl servers. Wont be SSL until 1.5 at least.

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